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Virtual Reality Laboratory
Technical University Sofia
Blvd. "Kliment Ochridski" 8

Phone: +359 2 965 25 74
Mobile: +359 884 06 99 96
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Established in the year 2008 at the Technical University of Sofia, in virtue of the financing by the Ministry of Education and Science, with the joint efforts of the Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management (FDIBA), the German partners from the research centre LESC (Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Centre at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and the department for Automation of Discreet Production at the Faculty for Machine Engineering and with the support of the DAAD. It is practically a unit with the status of a faculty at the FDIBA (Figure 1.) and has already affirmed itself as an important structural unit part of established in the TU-Sofia Integrated University Centre for Virtual Engineering and Centre of Excellency. The Virtual Reality Laboratory is the only place in Bulgaria in which systematic research activities are conducted and which offers education in the area of virtual reality and its application for solving real life interdisciplinary engineering tasks. It has at its disposal developed human resource potential from young specialists with qualification from different fields (engineering science, information technologies, psychology) and unique for the country technical equipment and programming applications, according to the established technological and professional standard in the field.